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"Do You Need A Legal Way To Massively Reduce Your Debt Fast Without A Prolonged 2-5 Year Settlement Plan?"

Cancel Debts Today With The Number One Method Guaranteed to Erase Debt While Protecting Bank Accounts, Wages, Real Estate, and Personal Property From Lawsuits. Stop the Bullcrap, Beat Foreclosure, Wipe Out Credit Card Debt, Erase Medical Debt, Walk Away From The Obligation of Student Loan Debt As You Avoid Bankruptcy, And More!.. .

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At last,fast debt relief without a payment plan to creditors! We will help you get out of debt with no more payments starting now. You will find the financial freedom you deserve immediately, usually within a few days. Contact us NOW for details on our powerful method for quickly eliminating your debt and phone calls from creditors or any type of bill collector. Find what is better and cost less than Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation, Credit Counseling, or even Bankruptcy.

Our services are 100% legally compliant in all 50 states!!

110% Guaranteed!! - This process will Block Wage Garnishments and Prevent Bank Levies without Bankruptcy or your money back PLUS 10% (terms & conditions apply)

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What is Plan B Debt & Credit Consultants?

Plan B's unique "Freedom From Creditors" program is an innovative solution for persons struggling with large debts. This program reveals secrets that the creditors and the debt collections industry doesn’t want you to know about. You’ll be shown how to utilize laws that can protect your income and assets (even a bankruptcy attorney won't tell you how these specific laws can be used to your advantage). The Freedom From Creditors Debt Relief program walks you step by step through your debt challenges with strategies that put YOU in control of your debt and financial life. These include expert debt negotiators assistance, settlement, asset protection strategies, and more. If you can't pay or are in Foreclosure, Credit Card "Debt", Medical "Debt", Student Loan "Debt", Business "Debt" even IRS "Debt" or if you simply want to dramatically lower your debts and block all your creditors from being able to touch your income or assets until you can afford to pay them, then this is the right program for you.

Compare our solutions with consumer credit counseling, debt consolidation, chapter 13 bankruptcy, chapter 7 bankruptcy, "traditional" credit card debt settlement companies, or any other program out there and you will quickly realize the advantage of using the Freedom From Creditors debt help program. When we reveal this system to you, you won't believe how easy it is to beat the collection system and you will be can eliminate your debt in record time. Other debt help programs and debt relief agencies tell you to do things that are counterproductive or worse negligent and leave you and your family severely exposed to unnecessary risk, loss of property, wage garnishment, bank levies and the impossible long term monthly payment plan that last 3-5 years. Our clients tell us how grateful they are that they found our program before they let a lawyer bully them into accepting an unfair debt settlement or even filing for bankruptcy.

Why choose PlanB?

  • Experience: Our certified debt specialists have used the process firsthand. We have over 10+ years experience in the debt relief industry, and we have proof this works like gangbusters.
  • Results: You will see results with our immediate process and you won't believe how easy it is to beat the collection system. After countless years of research we've taken the best strategies available and combined them with our working experience to achieve results you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Value: Our pricing and costs are minimal and will beat any competitor in the market; you will have the ability to truly recover—without adding any additional financial burden.
  • Relief: You will experience immediate relief from monthly payments to your creditors.

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  • Reduce credit card debts by as much as 80%!
  • Protect and keep your assets such as car and home.
  • Protect against legal action.
  • Protect from bank account freezes.
  • Protect against salary and wage garnishments.
  • Powerful alternative to bankruptcy, debt consolidation, and more.
  • Create a strategy for real estate and vehicle's that are weighing you down.
  • Stop the annoying collection calls.
  • Take control of your creditors and get Peace of Mind!!!
  • Instantly eliminate monthly payments and payback plans to creditors.
  • Accept settlements you control and can AFFORD.
  • Begin credit repair.
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Minimum of $12,000 in unsecured debts

What debt may qualify?

  • Credit cards
  • Business debts
  • Retail store cards
  • Medical bills
  • Judgments
  • Personal loans or lines of credit
  • Other non-secured debts (i.e, utility bills, payday loans, deficiencies, ect.)

Other strategies are arranged or discussed for the following debts

  • Home/Real estate
  • Auto loans
  • RV loans
  • Student loans
  • Other secured loans or debts

What people say about PlanB

Please believe me, you do not know how much you have helped me already. I will continue to tell others about Freedom From Creditors. Thank you.

... Matthew W.

Without your system I would have been another casualty of the banking system.
... Christian K.

I wish I had known about your debt freedom course and how to dispute a debt years ago.
... Marilyn E.

Settled my collection case. Without your system I would never have gotten to 1st base.

... Ronald M.

Another victory! They backed off as soon as they received my demands! You are a prayer answered from the Lord!
... Rodney S.

I've been fighting off 3 collection agencies. I am absolutely ecstatic about my victories after sending them the debt dispute letters. Prior to purchasing your fine program, I was just one of the ignorant societal herd these banks prey upon. Your wonderful, user-friendly program is the absolute best money I have spent in a long time. My wife overheard the creditor's attorney saying, "Don't mess with that guy!" Wow!
... Charles C.

You are completely brilliant. I have never seen/read anything like this. I am eager to get this information out to help others like me. Thank you.
... Carol P.

I have had so many attorneys take my money and leave me without representation. NEVER AGAIN! My family and I appreciate all you do. God bless you for helping me understand how to avoid bankruptcy consequences.
... Craig N.

The knowledge I gained from your program has greatly empowered me. I am thankful to you.
... Paul S.

I have the bill collectors right where they belong. I am SO indebted to you!
... Graig S.

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