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Discover The Only Program That Dissolves All Your Risk From Debts With No Payments, No Settlement Plans, No Negotiating or Filing Bankruptcy And No Attorneys

Do you owe debt to several credit card agencies? Do you meet any of the following criteria: 

  • You have High Card Balances that have reached or either exceeded the credit limit
  • You have experienced 1 or more recent delinquent payments
  • You have a large amount of credit card debt and No Desire to Pay
  • You have seen a Sudden Increase in your interest rates
  • You have multiple credit cards you can't manage on a fixed income
  • Your Creditors have closed 1 or all of your credit card accounts
  • You keep Transferring Balances and opening new accounts
  • You may even be receiving unwanted harassing Collection Calls already
  • All of which cause a drastic drop in credit scores

We can show you how to solve your debt problems. For life.

What if you could cancel your credit card debts within 12 months, would you like to know about it?



As a valued member of our community you will find immediate relief from your debt worries and payments. Your fears from creditors can be eliminated in as little as 90 Days - Avoidance of costly Debt Management Programs and Filing of Bankruptcy.  We will show you how you can Stop Collection Calls from Creditors and Collectors. Pick up the phone and call us, we can help!

Do not delay, since your here your situation is likely urgent.

Any delay could be detrimental to protecting you from risks associated with being sued or judgments from legal action brought by your creditors. Actions your creditors will take unless you do something to get them stopped include Wage Garnishment, Judgments against you (with liens on your personal property and/or your home), Harassing Collection efforts (threats, harassing phone calls and/or letters), creditors will start exercising their ability to Levy (take any and all) money from your bank accounts. Call us today while you still have time to protect yourself from these adverse actions.  

In 3 easy steps you can discover how easy a release from a life of debt servitude can be while placing you in control of your creditors as our system will virtually guarantee success when it comes to risks associated with discharging ALL your unsecured debts. It is important that you invest the time to read this entire website and follow along closely, because I'm sure you'll find what we are about to reveal to you... almost unbelievable.   Here's why – I'm going to completely debunk all the "traditional" get out of debt rules that even the most respected financial gurus are still teaching to those with large amounts of credit card debts. We're going to discuss such 'dirty secrets" as... Why the actual repayment of your debts is the next to last thing you should concern yourself with... (There are three other things you should focus on first. Once you have these down, the debt troubles will practically wipe out itself.)

    • Why you don't have to pay to settle a debt and how it will just disappear if you know these important steps… (Crazy, huh?)
    • The #1 most critical consumer laws that must be invoke to successfully demand a request for gay videos validation of any collection account that will stop your creditors dead every time you use it...
    • What to do if the creditor wants to settle with you when you don’t have the money or desire to settle...
    • Why Debt Consolidation programs are borrowing money to rob Peter to Pay Paul... (most consolidation loans end it default)
    • How Bankruptcy is a government mandated payment plan setup to payback all your creditors and how to avoid the bankruptcy life long stigma...
    • How gay porn Debt Settlement companies advertised all over the media from Television to Radio are setup to steal your hard earned money and place you on a 3-5 year payment schedule where all they do is babysit your bank account as absolutely none of your money goes to the creditor your lead to believe you are paying off.
    • The truth about settlement plans and how they are setup to stick you with massive debt forgiveness tax burdens from imputed income... (you could end up in debt to the the IRS instead)
    • You'll discover a much better approach for eliminating large debt burdens in mere days with our time tested  Anti-Debt Collection System.
    • Learn strong privacy protection techniques that will protect your income and assets from garnishment or seizure through asset protection...
    • Why a good credit rating is designed to put you in loads of debt and what to do to avoid this while using one simple trick that forces the credit reporting agencies to completely remove all derogatory credit file remarks...
    • and much much more...

Escape Crushing Debt Issues...CALL US NOW! 


This system works so well that my brother and

his wife used it to erase over 400k+ in Debt!

In a matter of minutes – just by coming up with the answers to a few simple questions - you'll have a anti-debt collection system for totally wiping out your fears of creditors once and for all and be on your way to financial freedom like never before. Here's what it's about: We will show you resources that can help you cancel your debts to zero with no more payments to creditors and best of all we will divulge to you how to restore your credit history putting your credit rating far better then it ever was before.

Oh and don't worry this will be the SIMPLEST thing you've ever done to improve your income and increase your financial situation instantaneously. No kidding! And I'm not talking waiting six months from now... I'm talking by tomorrow. - Our time tested proven self help informative system will allow you to dramatically improve your income and financial position because you will instantly be in a place where you could care less if you stop making monthly credit card debt payments.

Once you have all the correct information about the banking system you will immediately realize that...

Default is NOT a Dirty Word!

  Interested? I figured you were. Look You will find the financial freedom you deserve immediately. Contact us NOW for details on our powerful method for quickly eliminating your debt risks and phone calls from creditors or any type of bill collector. Find what is better and cost far less than Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation, Credit Counseling and Bankruptcy.

This is not a debt management plan of any kind. Call to let us discuss how this will resolve your troubles.

Receive Helpful Information Directly From The Best With Our Full Service Debt Risk Reversal Program

“You Can Force Your Creditors To Discharge Their Debts and Restore Your Credit Rating”

The Result: You'll be debt free and have outstanding credit! (Click Here for Real Proof)

  • No matter how much unsecured debt you have
  • No matter how behind on payments you are
  • No matter how much pressure is on you
  • No matter how many accounts you have

Wipe Out milf videos Debt Risk No Matter What


Our services are 100% legally compliant in all 50 states!!

100% No Questions Asked Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

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What is Plan B Debt & Credit Consultants?

Plan B's unique "Freedom From Creditors" program is an innovative solution for persons struggling with large debts. This program reveals secrets that the creditors and the debt collections industry doesn’t want you to know about. You’ll be shown how to implement easy unknown techniques in the law can protect your income and assets (even a bankruptcy attorney won't tell you how these specific laws can be used to your advantage). The Freedom From Creditors program walks you step by step through your debt challenges with strategies that put YOU in control of your debt and financial life. This includes expert assistance, asset protection strategies, and more. If you can't pay or are in Foreclosure, Credit Card "Debt", Medical "Debt", Student Loan "Debt", Business "Debt" even IRS "Debt" or if you simply want to dramatically lower your debts and block all your creditors from being able to touch your income or assets until you can afford to pay them, then this is the right program for you. Compare our solutions with consumer credit counseling, debt consolidation, chapter 13 bankruptcy, chapter 7 bankruptcy, "traditional" credit card debt settlement companies, or any other program out there and you will quickly realize the advantage of using the Freedom From Creditors program. When we reveal this system to you, you won't believe how easy it is to beat the collection system and you will eliminate your debt risk in record time.

Other programs and companies tell you to do things that are counterproductive or worse negligent and leave you and your family severely exposed to unnecessary risk, loss of property, wage garnishment, bank levies and the impossible long term monthly payment plan that last 3-5 years. Our clients tell us how grateful they are that they found us before they let a lawyer bully them into accepting an unfair debt settlement or even filing for bankruptcy. Why Choose Plan B Consultants?

  • Experience: Our certified specialists have used the process firsthand. We have over 10+ years experience, and we have proof this works like gangbusters.
  • Results: You will see results with our immediate process and you won't believe how easy it is to beat the risks associated with the collection system. After countless years of research we've taken the best lesbian videos strategies available and combined them with our working experience to achieve results you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Value: Our pricing and costs are minimal and will beat any competitor in the market; you will have the ability to truly recover—without adding any additional financial burden.
  • Relief: You will experience immediate relief from creditors.

Here is what you can expect in our full service system:

1. Protection of assets and bank accounts from creditor extortion.

2. Send all your creditors an immediate "Request to Cease All Telephone Communications" which they are then mandated to comply with under Attorney General orders.

3. In as little as 24 hours we will have started your creditor protection.

4. Our in house consumer rights advocates department begins to build your protection and associated case documents.

Get Your FREE No-Obligation Debt Risk Analysis Now! Just fill out the form to the right:

  • Wipe out risky credit card debt threats 100%!
  • Protect and keep your assets such as car and home.
  • Protect against legal action.
  • Protect from bank account freezes.
  • Protect against salary and wage garnishments.
  • Powerful alternative to bankruptcy, debt consolidation, and more.
  • Create a strategy for real estate and vehicle's that are weighing you down.
  • Stop the annoying collection calls.
  • Take control of your creditors and get Peace of Mind!!!
  • Instantly eliminate your cares for ALL monthly payment payback plans to creditors.
  • Accept settlements you control and can AFFORD.
  • Get a FREE quote with no obligation.internet phone service

  We only work with those who have the highest needs.

  • Credit cards
  • Business debts
  • Retail store cards
  • Medical bills
  • Judgments
  • Personal loans or lines of credit
  • Tax Debt
  • Other non-secured debts (i.e, utility bills, payday loans, deficiencies, ect.)

Other strategies may be discussed for the following:

  • Home/Real estate
  • Auto loans
  • RV loans
  • Student loans
  • Other secured loans

What people say about Plan B

Please believe me, you do not know how much you have helped me already. I will continue to tell others about Freedom From Creditors. Thank you. ...Matthew W.

Without your system I would have been another casualty of the banking system.... Christian K.

I wish I had known about your debt freedom course and how to dispute a debt years ago. ... Marilyn E.

Settled my collection case. Without information from your system I would never have gotten to 1st base. ... Ronald M.

Another victory! They backed off as soon as they received my demands! You are a prayer answered from the Lord! ... Rodney S.

I've been fighting off 3 collection agencies. I am absolutely ecstatic about my victories after sending them a series of debt dispute letters. Prior to becoming a subscriber of your fine program, I was just one of the ignorant societal herd these banks prey upon. Your wonderful, user-friendly system is the absolute best money I have spent in a long time. My wife overheard the creditor's attorney saying, "Don't mess with that guy!" Wow! ... Charles C.

You are completely brilliant. I have never seen/read anything like this. I am eager to get this information out to help others like me. Thank you. ... Carol P.

I have had so many attorneys take my money and leave me without representation. NEVER AGAIN! My family and I appreciate all you do. God bless you for helping me understand how to avoid bankruptcy consequences. ... Craig N.

The knowledge I gained from your program has greatly empowered me. I am thankful to you. ... milf porn Paul S.

I have the bill collectors right where they belong. I am SO indebted to you! ... Graig S.

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